*Formula for making ordinary Buddhist incense(SevenPlease use Chinese glue powder and wood flour for more than One cm)

                                                  1, white glue powder:5Jin

                                                  2, woodPowder:5Jin

                                                  3Chemical adhesive:Zero point twoOne hundred catties of polyacrylamide2Jin, depending on the quality)

                                                  4, YanMaterials:(there are three common colors: goldenzero point zero sixJin; tender yellowZero point oneJin; rose redZero point oneJin)

                                                  5Potassium nitrate:Zero point oneJin (combustion improver, One hundredkg powder)1Jin—2If there is more stone powder in the fragrant powder, put more potassium nitrate)

                                                  6Common water:NineJinEight0%--Nine0%The moisture content depends on the air humidity)

                                                  Notes on FOXIANG formula:

                                                  1The proportion of white glue powder and wood flour depends on the viscosity quality of white glue powder. If the viscosity is strong, it should be adjusted according to the specific quality.

                                                  2The chemical adhesive is called polyacrylamide, which has a high proportion of viscosity,One hundredJinxiang powder2Chemical glue is used as an auxiliary.

                                                  3After the rose red pigment is soaked in boiling water, it is mixed with all cold water, and then it is poured into the blender and mixed with perfume powder.

                                                  4After weighing, pour directly into the blender and fragrant powder to stir.

                                                  5And potassium nitrate as combustion supporting agent,Ten0Jinxiang powder1--2After soaking in cold water, pour it into a blender and mix with fragrant powder.

                                                  6If you need to make a flash fragrance, also known as lingguangxiang, add the flash powder to the powder and stir it. (one hundred catties3—52)

                                                  SevenIf you want to add all kinds of scent, add the essence to the powder. (one hundred catties6Two, look at the flavor quality.

                                                  EightIf you want to make gold fragrance, you don't need to add any pigment. After making white skin fragrance, you can dye gold powder.

                                                  NineIt is necessary to add stone powder in the above formula to increase the weight of Buddha incense. To increase (light calcium carbonate), a little more chemical glue should be added to ensure the viscosity.

                                                  *Golden fragrance coloring formula (do not need to use pigment before making ordinary Buddhist incense)

                                                  1Cold water:10Jin2Gold powder:0.3Jin3Potassium nitrate:Zero05Jin

                                                  4, Jinxiang special rubber powder:zero point zero three oneJin5White latex:Zero point threeJin

                                                  The order of dyeing Jinxiang was as follows: 1

                                                  1,Discharge water in proportion2,Add gold powder and mix well3,Mix the potassium nitrate well

                                                  4,Put special rubber powder into it5,Mix the white latex(recommend Yijiang brand)

                                                  Use a tool similar to an impact drill to mix well.

                                                  Two large plates, one of which needs to put gauze net, is used to drain the golden water on the incense body.

                                                  *Sandalwood making formula

                                                  Formula with light color: (if dark color is needed, reduce the content of white rubber powder and increase the content of red stone powder)

                                                  1, white glue powder:1Jin2, red stone powder:2Jin3, red cypress powder:6Jin

                                                  4Potassium nitrate:Zero point twoJin5Sandalwood oilzero point zero fiveJinSeven, water:Seven point sixJin

                                                  *Formulation of smokeless fragrance

                                                  01Water hemp skin2Jin(the specific weight depends on the quality of water hemp skin, which is also called cotton stone)

                                                  02, black carbon powder:SevenJin03Potassium nitrate:Zero point twoJin04Common water:SevenJin

                                                  Note: the body of the incense made in this way is black. It needs to be dyed with gold and covered with black to make a smokeless gold fragrance.

                                                  *Rules for the number of packages of hexangularis

                                                  1,3FulcrumNineteenBranch4FulcrumThirty-sevenBranch5FulcrumSixty-oneBranch6FulcrumNinety-oneThere are four branches.

                                                  2,SevenFulcrumOne hundred and twenty-sevenBranch8FulcrumOne hundred and sixty-nineBranch9FulcrumTwo hundred and seventeenThere are four branches.

                                                  3At present, it is necessary to shape the hexagon by hand. There is no hexagon packing machine, but we need to use shrinking machine to shrink film packaging.

                                                  4Method of Measuring Shrinkage Film: after tying the incense, use the red rope to loosen a little bit and turn it around. The total length of the red rope obtained is divided by2Is the width of the shrink film.

                                                  5Purchase of shrink film: inform the shrink film width and color. Shrink film is to buy by kilogram, weigh good just know how much money each roll.