The color formula of golden incense (no need to use pigment before making ordinary Buddhist incense)

                                                  1. Cold water: 10 jin; gold powder: 0.3 Jin; potassium nitrate: 0.05 Jin

                                                  4. Jinxiang special rubber powder: 0.031 kg; 5; white latex: 0.3 kg

                                                  The order of dyeing Jinxiang was as follows: 1

                                                  1. Put water according to proportion 2. Put gold powder and mix well. 3. Mix potassium nitrate

                                                  4. Stir with special rubber powder 5. Mix with white latex (Yijiang brand recommended)

                                                  Use a tool similar to an impact drill to mix well.

                                                  Two large plates, one of which needs to put gauze net, is used to drain the golden water on the incense body.