1、 Installation of die head, pipe and nozzle

                                                  01. Twist the clean die head in the positive direction that can't be twisted again (the screw on the die head is positive downward).

                                                  02. The nozzle is twisted into the left side of the die head, and it is tightened with a spanner, and the general force is not enough.

                                                  03. The guide pipe should be twisted into the right side of the die head, and the wrench should be twisted to a certain place. At least 1.5cm should be reserved first. But don't forget it.

                                                  2、 Adjust the length of fragrant feet

                                                  01. The distance between the nozzle on the die head and the left cutting leg is the distance between the fragrant feet. Move the left and right distance by loosening the screw on the cutting leg.

                                                  02. The general length of fragrant feet: the length of fragrant feet of 32.5cm bamboo sticks is 8.0-10cm, and that of 39.5cm bamboo sticks is 9.0-12cm.

                                                  03. Measure the length of a bamboo stick with a ruler, cut off the distance from the nozzle to the cutting foot of the mouth, and then fix the screw.

                                                  04. Press the wheel under the small motor on the right, and insert the whole bamboo stick from the wheel to the toe board.

                                                  05. The left side of the pruning bamboo stick should be to the toe board, but the bamboo stick should not be against the foot cutting board, and a space of 1 mm should be left.

                                                  06. The right side of the pruning bamboo stick should be the wheel that has just passed the small motor on the right side and is against the small motor wheel.

                                                  07. The length of bamboo stick is realized by moving the whole small motor board on the right. Note that the bamboo stick from the wheel through all the bell mouth to the toe board should be in a straight line.

                                                  3、 Host button

                                                  01. Host switch: stop (turn off to stop), manual (adjust to manual) and automatic (turn continuous incense making to automatic).

                                                  02. The difference between manual and automatic is: manual will not alarm, and automatic will alarm if it is stuck. Therefore, manual debugging is required. 03. Adjust the governor value of the main machine for aroma making to 70-90 to control the speed of the small motor wheel. When the switch is pressed to the point, it will not be turned off.

                                                  04. The green light indicates that the machine is in normal condition and can be used to make incense.

                                                  05. The red light indicates that the machine is out of order. Generally, the machine card is stuck. It is necessary to handle the card and take out the bamboo stick that cannot be ejected.

                                                  06. Small speed adjustment button in the lower right corner of the cabinet: this button controls the speed of aroma making. Turn it clockwise to increase the speed of aroma making.

                                                  07. Bamboo stick transmission frame on the right side of the host: the motor of the transmission mechanism is an AC adjustable speed motor, and the speed governor of the motor is under the display screen. According to the length of the bamboo stick, the balanced speed of the motor is set according to the length of the bamboo stick. Generally, 33 cm incense is made, and the governor is set between 65-70. The longer the fragrance is, the higher the speed is.

                                                  4、 Chassis display screen

                                                  01. Motor ①: press the number 1 on the keyboard to check whether the motor is normal. Generally, it is not pressed under normal conditions.

                                                  02. Clearing (CLR): after the actual production of 990000 pieces is shown on the display screen of the sending machine, please press CLR to reset before continuing to make incense.

                                                  03. Status: the actual situation of the machine is displayed here, such as standby, machine stuck, production completed, etc.

                                                  5、 Signing machine

                                                  01. The exit catheter on the left side of the label sending machine should be kept in a straight line with the left side of the small motor of the fragrance making machine and close to each other.

                                                  02. The exit catheter on the left side of the label sending machine should be kept in the center position with the small motor of the fragrance making machine on the left side.

                                                  03. The center position of the exit catheter is to adjust the horizontal height between the host and the sending machine through the screw under the sending machine according to your terrain.

                                                  04. Label sending machine button: click (press one at a time), start (continuously send out bamboo sticks), and stop (stop the work of the label sending machine).

                                                  05. When debugging the machine, you should press the point to shoot one by one, and adjust it until each one can accurately shoot to a position.

                                                  06. After the commissioning of the machine is normal, press the start button to start the machine for continuous fragrance making.

                                                  07. The stop button has the function of stopping and resuming the normal work of the machine.

                                                  08. When the red light of the main machine is on, after clearing the card, you need to press the stop button, and then press the start button to make incense continuously.

                                                  09. The value of the speed governor of the tag sending machine is generally adjusted to 30, and the starting of the governor is pressed to the point, which is generally not turned off. (there is no such item in the 6th to 10th generation)

                                                  10. If the processing speed is fast, the machine can be adjusted to about 50 according to the frequency. (the sixth generation does not have this item)

                                                  11. The speed of the bamboo stick determines the speed of making incense. The speed control button in the lower right corner of the host machine is used to adjust the speed.

                                                  12. In the bamboo stick bucket, adjust according to the length of the bamboo stick. The red bamboo stick sticks with fragrant feet facing forward, leaving a little space distance.

                                                  6、 Pipe and nozzle commissioning

                                                  01. Turn the button of the main machine to manual mode. The next step can only be carried out when the oil pump is pumped into the shaft sleeve through the oil pipe.

                                                  02. Put your right hand under the electronic eye sensor of the host machine, and put your left hand on the left side of the nozzle to block it. In this way, the fragrance powder will be continuously emitted.

                                                  03. If the powder from the nozzle is solid, you can continue to tighten the right duct upward and try to spray again to see if there is hollow.

                                                  04. Try until a little hollow appears in the spray, and then twist it down a little, and the powder will turn back to solid again.

                                                  05. Put a bamboo stick into the nozzle through the pipe to see if it can be easily inserted. The bamboo stick can easily pass through the nozzle to represent normal.

                                                  06. If the bamboo stick can't be inserted easily, it means that the pipe is twisted too loose and there is too much powder in the mold head. The pipe should be tightened up.

                                                  07. The perfumed powder is hollow, which means that the catheter on the right is twisted too tightly, so it should be twisted downward and then loosened.

                                                  08. It can be adjusted from hollow to solid.

                                                  09. If the perfume powder is ejected backward to the right catheter, it means that the right catheter is twisted too loosely, and the catheter should be properly tightened up.

                                                  10. Twist the mold head to make the pipe upward and inject water. Insert the iron wire into the pipe to clean the retrogressive perfume powder and keep the pipe smooth.

                                                  11. There are two conditions for the success of the tube debugging: first, the perfume emitted from the nozzle is solid; second, the bamboo stick can be easily inserted into the pipe and nozzle.

                                                  7、 Machine made incense

                                                  01. Insert a bamboo stick to the right side of the main machine wheel to see if the bamboo stick can shoot out Buddhist incense through the pipe and nozzle.

                                                  02. If the bamboo sticks are inserted manually for several times, the qualified Buddhist incense can be ejected normally, which means that the main machine is making incense normally.

                                                  03. Turn the switch of aroma making host to "automatic". The function of the automatic button is to automatically alarm and stop when the main machine of aroma making is signed.

                                                  04. Click the "click" button on the card sending machine, and click to shoot a bamboo stick at a time to see if the incense can be successfully injected into the incense filling bucket.

                                                  05. If you click the button several times in succession, the incense can be emitted normally, and it can be shot to the adhesive tape position on the incense hopper.

                                                  06. Click the "start" button to start continuous aroma making.

                                                  07. If there is more Buddha incense in the incense bucket, it should be tidied up, then put it on the wooden bucket, and take it out to dry after it is full.

                                                  8、 Adjust the machine pressure [warning: please turn off the power when adjusting the machine pressure]

                                                  01. The machine pressure refers to the pressure required for the machine to emit normal Buddhist incense, which has nothing to do with the pressure value of the barometer.

                                                  02. When the bamboo stick can not emit Buddhist incense in the pipe or the Buddhist incense from the nozzle is too strong, it is necessary to adjust the machine pressure.

                                                  03. The adjustment pressure is divided into fine adjustment pressure and adjustment pressure of main machine stroke.

                                                  04. The fine adjustment pressure is controlled by the amount of spice flowing down by tightening or loosening the plum blossom screw under the die head.

                                                  05. The function of fine-tuning pressure is generally used to adjust whether the distance of the Buddhist incense can be shot on the adhesive tape of the incense bucket.

                                                  06. If the distance of Buddhist incense is too far, loosen the plum blossom screw to let more spices flow down to reduce the spraying pressure.

                                                  07. If the distance of the Buddhist incense is too short to shoot on the incense hopper, the plum blossom screw should be tightened to reduce the flow of spices and increase the pressure.

                                                  08. If the plum screw is turned to the loosest position, but the spraying force of FOK incense is still large, the stroke of the main engine needs to be adjusted to reduce the pressure.

                                                  09. If the plum screw is tightened to the maximum, but the injection force of FOXIANG is not enough, the stroke of the main engine needs to be adjusted to increase the pressure.

                                                  10. The place for adjusting the stroke of the main engine is in the left baffle of the barometer of the main machine for aroma making. The injection pressure can be adjusted only after the baffle is removed.

                                                  11. The control pressure is a thimble with two horizontal screws. No matter how debugging, the last two screws must be tightened.

                                                  12. Adjust the stroke method: there are two screws in the middle of the thimble screw twisted long pressure. If it is twisted short, the pressure will be small.

                                                  13. For example, the pressure needed to be small when making three li incense, and a little higher pressure was needed to adjust the making of five li incense, so the stroke pressure needed to be increased.

                                                  14. For example, when making 5-li incense, the pressure needs to be higher; when adjusting to make 3-li fragrance, the pressure needs to be reduced.

                                                  15. Before adjusting the stroke pressure of the main engine, be sure to turn off the power supply of the host machine, and forbid others to turn on the power supply to make Buddhist incense or touch the sensor.

                                                  16. To adjust the stroke pressure of the main engine, it is necessary to loosen the large nut of the middle vertical screw.

                                                  17. Loosen two screws, one end of the middle screw growth, and then tighten the end of the screw with a nut to shorten, is to increase the pressure.

                                                  18. Loosen the screw with one nut at one end and tighten the middle screw with two screws at one end to shorten to reduce the pressure.

                                                  19. After adjusting the stroke pressure, remember to tighten the big nut, otherwise it will break easily.

                                                  20. After adjusting the stroke pressure, it is necessary to test whether the incense can be uniformly fired to the adhesive tape position on the incense hopper.

                                                  21. If the Buddhist incense can be ejected, but there is a lot of perfume flowing under the plum blossom screw, it proves that the stroke pressure is still high and can be reduced again.

                                                  22. If the screw of plum blossom is tight and there is no perfume flowing down, but the Buddha incense still can't be shot onto the incense hopper accurately, the pressure should be increased again.

                                                  9、 Other adjustments

                                                  01. Electronic eye: the white plastic can be twisted clockwise to increase the sensitivity, and anticlockwise to reduce the sensitivity. Generally, it has been adjusted before delivery.

                                                  02. There are two wheels on the small motor of the incense making machine: according to the bamboo stick you make, pick out the flattest bamboo stick or

                                                  The diameter of a standard bamboo stick is removed by two thirds and inserted between the two wheels. Loosen the screw of the lower wheel to let it go

                                                  Face the wheel up against the bamboo stick, two wheels press the bamboo stick, and then tighten the screw of the wheel below. Usually before the factory.

                                                  The upper and lower distance is basically applicable, and there is no need to adjust it before you are familiar with it.

                                                  03. The left and right wheels of the small motor of the sending machine: the debugging method is the same as above. The distance before the factory is basically applicable.