01. Installation and placement of the machine: incense filling bucket - incense making machine - sending machine.

                                                  02. Installation of three-phase electric wire: zero line (blue with N symbol), other three are live wire, yellow green is ground wire.

                                                  03. Ground wire installation: take a wire to connect the yellow green ground wire, pull it out to the outside, bind it to an iron and insert it into the ground.

                                                  04. There are two data lines to be connected to the host chassis. When you look at the interface docking, each interface is unique.

                                                  05. The power cord of the oil pump (inside) is inserted into the innermost port 1 under the fragrance making cabinet. The oil pump is put into the stainless steel oil tank with lubricating oil.

                                                  06. The two transparent pipes connected to the shaft sleeve, one is the oil pump pumping in and the other is circulating out (there is another branch oil pipe), which are put into the oil barrel.

                                                  07. There is an oil return pipe at the lower right side of the incense making machine, which is also put into the oil tank.

                                                  08. The power cord of the water pump (outside) is inserted into the innermost 2-port under the fragrance making cabinet. Put the pump into a big bucket full of water.

                                                  09. The large water pipe connected to the mixing barrel of the incense making machine is the outlet pipe, and the small water pipe above the mold plate is connected to the water outlet interface of the water pump, and then the water pump is submerged into the bucket.

                                                  10. Take out the baffle plate from the toolbox and install it under the left side of the front of the fragrance making machine. The angle of the deflector tilts slightly to the left.