1、 Maintenance principle:

                                                  1. Machine failure, please consult the following telephone, if it is the problem of machine adjustment, telephone consultation can be solved.

                                                  2. If the machine parts are damaged, it is within the scope of warranty. We will send it to customers free of charge by express delivery.

                                                  3. If the valuable parts are guaranteed for one year, they should be sent back to the company for repair and then sent back to the customer.

                                                  4. If you need on-site maintenance, please pay back and forth travel expenses of the engineer.

                                                  5. If you need to buy consumable parts, such as nozzle pipe and other accessories, please contact the accessories Department of the company at 0750-3062206

                                                  2、 Maintenance telephone number: [please report the machine number of youyue automatic fragrance making machine before maintenance]

                                                  1. 13786961271 (Wang Sheng) after sales department Tel: 0750-6408789

                                                  2. 13555609026 (Mo Sheng) 3, 15819939722 (CAI Sheng)

                                                  3、 If you need to send the valuable accessories back to the manufacturer for repair, please send them by express (SF, Shentong, Yuantong)

                                                  Wang Yueyang 13786961271, building A2, Shili Jinli Industrial Zone, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province.