The fragrance making machinery industry is now in a continuous development stage

                                                  2020-09-16 883

                                                  The utility model incense making machine weighs about 200 kg (consigned by agent) with a working capital of 1000 yuan. After purchasing all the raw materials and connecting with the two-phase power supply (220 V lighting power), it can be produced. The products can be packaged within a week. Because most of the raw materials are locally made and the price is very low, it can effectively regulate the market products, and it has been proved by the market that the establishment of mechanical fragrance factory is indeed a rare project with less investment, zero risk and quick effect.

                                                  Automatic incense machine is a new generation of incense making equipment developed by our company, which is of column type and oil pressure type. By changing the mold, it can suppress a variety of specifications and shapes of sanitary incense, Buddha incense, bamboo stick incense and other series of products. The operation is simple, fast and convenient. In addition, the temperature difference is small, and the function of pressure maintaining and automatic pressure supplement is reliable. All kinds of models are driven by hydraulic pressure. The diameter of oil cylinder is 22cm and the height of barrel is 55cm. It can be designed and customized according to the user's specifications.

                                                  Now it is in the stage of continuous development. With the demand for this aspect, the market is getting bigger and bigger, and the varieties are more and more. The safety problem comes with it. In order to ensure the safety in production, we must do the following:


                                                  1. Read the manual carefully and be familiar with the structure and performance of the fragrance making machine to prevent potential hazards.

                                                  2. Check whether the voltage on the board is consistent with the power supply before starting the machine.

                                                  3. The antennae on the power plug and socket of the machine should be reliable, free of looseness and poor contact.

                                                  4. Do not abuse the wires, do not pull the power cord on the socket, and keep the wires away from places with high temperature, greasy and sharp edges

                                                  5. Keep children away from the machine and avoid various unsafe factors.

                                                  6. In order to avoid accidental accidents, check whether the switch is disconnected before connecting the power supply.

                                                  7. Maintain the fragrance machine regularly and add lubricating oil regularly.

                                                  8. Check whether the stop switch on the electric box can stop the machine normally.

                                                  This article comes from Jiangmen automatic incense making machine

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