Aroma making process of Jiangmen automatic aroma making machine

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                                                  Jiangmen automatic incense making machine vertical multi-functional CNC hydraulic incense making machine is one of the most advanced incense making machines in the international market. It uses numerical control hydraulic technology to stop consumption. Numerical control hydraulic control can fully meet the consumption speed of different consumers and improve the output, quality and appearance value of commodities. When making incense, there is less sticky powder, which seems to save the cost. However, the quality of the incense is not good, and the viscosity is not weak enough. The aroma is easy to bend, break, defect, change color or even rot. This greatly reduces the yield, leading to the rise in capital. The fragrance made is not beautiful, rough and smoky. The quenching time is too short and easy to regain moisture. All of these will make it difficult for your products to have a foothold in the market, and even I will damage my reputation. Greatly increase the rest intensity of workers to do incense, but also add the output of incense machine equipment. These also add capital directly. If the powder is slightly thicker, it will not be able to eat, and the remaining powder will be greatly increased; if the machine fragrance is made, it will be difficult to shoot the powder slightly thicker because it is not oily enough. These, undoubtedly, have added the cost of making incense.


                                                  Jiangmen automatic incense making plant takes the lead in transforming the traditional manual and large-scale machine-made incense into a suitable family and small and medium-sized incense making plant on the basis of the current Buddhist incense equipment. It has developed a new energy-saving and environmental protection equipment and technology for the application of crop straw consumption of various types of Buddha incense. Can consume different specifications of incense, health incense, stick incense, sandalwood, bamboo stick incense, pan incense and other Buddhist incense. The appearance of the commodity is smooth and symmetrical, and it takes a long time to extinguish. Put the cleaned incense material in a cool place, let it dry naturally, break it by hand, and make a loud sound, which indicates that the fragrant material has been dried thoroughly and can be used to make incense.

                                                  The normal maintenance of Jiangmen automatic incense making machine can not only increase the safety problems of the equipment, but also improve the consumption efficiency and extend the service life of the machine and equipment. The employees without training are not allowed to operate the incense making machine alone. The operators need to be certified, read the equipment operation manual, master the relevant knowledge and skills, deeply understand the device, test run, operation and maintenance of the equipment, and can only operate after on-site training and theory. When using, the damaged parts should be reported for maintenance in time. Only by changing new parts can the consumption be sustainable. When the oil pump is started in winter or cold area, the oil pump should be started and stopped repeatedly for several times to make the oil temperature rise. The task can be started after the hydraulic pump station operates sensitively.

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