Jiangmen youyue automation equipment Co., Ltd

                                                  Jiangmen youyue automation equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangmen, Guangdong, the hometown of overseas Chinese. With strong technical force and excellent market reputation. Focus on R & D, design, production, sales of incense automation machinery and equipment. Has a high-tech product research and development, excellent quality sales and after-sales service team.

                                                  The company's business philosophy: adhere to the "high technology, high quality, high service" three high purpose.

                                                  The company has the courage to explore and innovate, successfully developed a variety of automatic incense machinery and equipment, and constantly improve and introduce advanced production equipment and excellent detection means. Many series and specifications of new automatic incense making equipment.

                                                  Youyue automatic aroma making machine consists of the first generation and the second generation With the development of ten generations of enhanced full-automatic aroma making machine, the fully automatic aroma making machine now sold by us has been technically reformed in the mold feeding. The original mold feeding method is changed from the metal collision downward extrusion method to the side friction free feeding method of the mold feed. The disadvantage of metal impact extrusion method in the past is: since the feeding device of each incense inlet has to be collided once, the user changes the feeding device once in less than two months. Now it has been improved to the side non friction feeding method of the die feeding, so that the feeding metal has no collision, prolonging the service life of the feeding device and reducing the production cost. This model also adds water-cooling circulation device on the head of the mould and the mixing barrel. Because of the friction between the head of the full automatic aroma striking mould and the mixing cylinder, which produces a large amount of heat energy, the former model has no water cooling device. When the temperature of the mould head and mixing cylinder exceeds 60 degrees, due to the high temperature, rotten incense will appear. Now, after installing the water-cooling device, the temperature of the mold head and the mixing cylinder is kept at about 40 degrees, so that the fragrance is even and the color is bright.

                                                  In today's economic globalization, in the face of opportunities and challenges, we adhere to the business purpose of "thinking about the source of getting rich and thinking about progress when rich". We are willing to work hand in hand with the vast number of new and old customers to make new contributions to the prosperity and development of fragrance industry. Welcome new and old customers to visit and purchase.